Are your debts impacting your life?






There are charities and organisations that can help:-

-Money and Mental Health Charity

-Money Advice Service

-Citizens Advice Bureau

-Mind Mental Health Charity

Feel better about yourself - eat healthy, try to exercise - check NHS - Eat well scheme

Join the Change 4 Life programme

Your local GP can refer you to health schemes in your local area

Struggling to buy food? There are a number of schemes out there to help you

-Local Welfare Assistant Schemes - can vary so check with your Local Council or Local Citizens Advice


-Food banks - The Trussell Trust is a great charity aiming to end poverty and hunger in the UK, check their site for your local food bank



-Hardship payments


-Short term benefit advance

Improve your financial fitness

Take advantage of free credit checks - know where and how to improve your credit score.

-Credit Karma

-Credit Wise

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