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Paddling Pool Palava

Me and paddling pools have never quite seen eye to eye...they are swines to inflate....take hours to fill and usually result in me legging it from the kitchen and back with kettles and bowls of boiling hot water because its "too cold" for Curly, Larry & Mo. Screams from me ordering them to "get out my way or you'll get scalded and we can't be going to A&E".

The dog dreads the kids getting their hands on the hosepipe and sits shaking under the trampoline whilst Simon is usually mumbling something in a corner about the water bill.

I must have spent a small fortune over the years on bigger and better paddling pools with the hope of this one being the one that will build bridges between me and the paddling pool market!

Well today won't be that day. A full morning spent filling last years impetuous purchase (its Lockdown and I haven't been able to buy a new one much to Simon's relief)! Kids were in for exactly 21 minutes before all hell broke loose when Alfie blasted Sadie with his Nerf Super Soaker ruining her bun and 'paddling pool attire'. I explained to Sadie she is in our back garden and not Ibiza's Ocean Beach but I was shouted at for being "sartistic" she meant sarcastic.

I've just gone in to ask the kids if they are coming back out to play out seeing as it's taken me all frigging day to set up...to find Larry & Mo in my bed playing WWE swaps whilst informing me "no, we are playing locked in your Mum & Dad's room for 24 hours....its what all YouTuber's play!" Think I will pour a large glass of Vino and join the dog under the trampoline.

#Mother_of_Loose_Cannons@Get_me_my_Vino 😀🍷

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