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One great way of saving money is taking advantage of major retailers and food places who offer loyalty reward schemes. Major fast food places such as KFC and Subway offer these loyalty schemes where more often than not you receive free food, drinks, snacks and even money off your purchases. Always nice to get a free Foot Long Subway Sandwich or some free hot wings from KFC ! My Greggs app often rewards me with a free hot or cold drink every few weeks, always useful when on the go!

The Greggs app offering a free hot and cold drink whilst on your travels

Nectar Cards can be used at Sainsburys and BP garages, whilst other major supermarkets such as Tesco offer their Clubcard points schemes where the points that you spend equate to money you can spend in store. Always nice to have some money built up on your reward schemes, I often use this at expensive times of the year especially around Christmas time to help put towards the Christmas shop.

Many restaurants offer loyalty cards / apps where the more you spend the more money you save! My favourite is getting an extra free portion of chicken wings at Nandos.

Many restaurants will offer free kids meals for signing up to their loyalty schemes / apps. Always worthwhile checking the restaurant's website or app before you pay them a visit.

My Loyalty Apps on my mobile keeps me up to speed with all my free stuff

Many of my family and friends don't bother with these reward schemes but there is nothing better than getting free food and drinks or even getting money knocked off when times are hard and people are struggling to make ends meet. Its nice to treat ourselves every now and again and tastes even better when they are free!

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