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Coronavirus - Scary times

Never in our lifetime did we think that our economy, our jobs and our lives would suddenly grind to a halt due to a health pandemic, created by a disease created thousands of miles away.

These are indeed scary times, we all have our routines, our passion, our activities that we have taken for granted. Watching your football teams, visiting our favourite restaurant, meeting up with family and friends, taking our children to their local dance and football sessions.

The most important thing of all at the moment is to look after our citizens, the elderly, the most vulnerable in our society. We must ensure we are doing everything we can to rid this disease by taking as many precautions as possible. Keep up to date on any breaking news and public information on this link - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

Many of us will be concerned about our jobs, our economy, holidays, sporting events. The most important thing at the moment is to look after ourselves, our family and friends.

If people are at home and self isolating have a review of your bank account, are there any outgoings or direct debits that you simply do not need?

Have a look at your Utility Bills, I have recently switched myself and my family's Gas & Electric bills through Money Supermarket and Look After Your Bills. Both excellent comparison sites with brilliant customer service levels. Click on the link here to review your expenditure - https://www.save2save.net/offers-1

Review other outgoings such as your insurances, again Money Supermarket have plenty of comparison deals helping to reduce your expenditure. Review other insurances such as Home Emergency Cover, I had this as part of my Home Insurance so saved myself £10 a month by cancelling it. I have also recently rang Sky to obtain a more attractive package reducing my bills by £20 per month.

I have put my gym membership on hold, Sky Sports are currently allowing to suspend the payments for that product whilst sports have been suspended. Take this time to review all of your outgoings and to reduce this as much as you can to enable you to provide extra funds for any essential items.

Anyone worried about losing their jobs or income then have a look at the https://www.gov.uk/ website. The Government have done quite a lot over recent days in trying to help anyone who are struggling financially. Agreement with mortgage lenders for a 3 month payment break is a massive relief and hopefully similar arrangements with landlords and tenants will follow.

Try to be positive, keep active, go for walks, keep exercising, eat well, drink plenty of water.

Stay in contact with your family and friends even if it is just over the phone.

Anyone suffering from worries or mental health issues - click on the link here for additional help - https://www.save2save.net/wellbeing

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